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~allnighter effort~
lame attempt at 骸 theme~!!
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5th-May-2011 12:55 am - The new nappomelon ...
I just had to chicken-scratch doodle this after reading the latest chapter of KHR! OTL

New fruity flavour~!! Better than strawberry-kiwi?? And on a side note, this is the first time I've noticed Mukurou(the owl) with a nappo-haircut~!!! Wonder if it was there the whole time and I've just never noticed it. Hmmm. Mukuro.. or probably Chrome.. has a lot of time on their hands D:
31st-Mar-2011 10:42 am - Youtube Playlists~
The once-a-year post~!!

Letsee if this code works. Gonna try and embed a playlist generator that links directly to my Vocaloid playlist~ The main point of this is so I can have something to listen to during work~! That is, instead of the typical brainsludge death that usually plagues me after a few hours.

Vocaloid playlist

Set on loop, no autoplay.
Credits; code from this random person's blog

Figured I'd do an LJ entry first since I'm more likely to rage rant and edit out less for 'professional' polite censoring. LOL.

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28th-Apr-2010 03:09 am - Oh gawd prints.
So I think I'm doomed~ XD A friend and I teamed up to get ourselves each a table at AN this year. We succeeded, and I'm starting to seriously regret not sharing one instead. Work has been brutal, a lot of complicated scenes leaving me with a lot of overtime in the studio. Result: little to no time for prints. Not to mention I'm butting my head against a meter thick artists block at the moment. Blahs.

A quick count gives me to around seven prints total.. seven. Yikes. That's including last year's. And plus I fear I have way too much Mukuro this year XD.. Shall probably scare off a lot of guys with the Magnet. Nonetheless, I've attempted to paint a girl to balance the scales a bit. Oh horror of horrors. I can't remember the last time I painted a girl. Since I've been on an on and off Vocaloid fandom lately, I picked Miku. Everyone loves Miku. I hope.

Anatomy kills me. Background painting kills me more.

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11th-Jan-2010 11:31 pm - Muku, you've eaten my brain~
and I'm happier for it. OTL

nappo flavored fruitcake this way~Collapse )

Much time spent livestreaming on tinychat lately; I find myself drawing a lot of nappo themed screenholders while I AFK for various reasons~ X3

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30th-Dec-2009 04:38 am - Holidays make me laazzyyy
I probably shouldn't be posting at this hour, and no doubt I'll be regretting it tomorrow. Shall probably spy tons of small mistakes and etc that'll haunt me for a week.. but whatever.

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19th-Nov-2009 12:41 am - I think my brain imploded D::
Errrr .. Randomly, I wonder if anyone else went and YouTubed for pineapple documentary videos. OTL;; They were exceedingly educational. >D>D>D

Moving on, I've just discovered how big of a LJ-noob I am D: Ever since MSN crapped out and their client refused to work despite being overinflated with a whale's worth of bloatware, I've been using Pidgin as an alternate. Pidgin doesn't tell me when I get new emails in my inbox, so I'm more or less dependent on my own initiative to go check. Which equals nil due to my short attention span. So this all led up to the discovery that zomg not all LJ replies get delivered to my LJ-inbox. Aka replies on comments on other people's journals. OTL So sorry if I didn't answer to anything recently, don't wanna necro old posts lol.


Just two this time, one of which I went over a few times so its almost print quality instead of speedpaint.. again OTL;;

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15th-Nov-2009 09:01 pm - Phail NaNo
So sefeiren and I were all fired up this month to do some NaNoManGo-derived stuff. Basically a speedpainting/doodle per night with a random theme each time. No actual manga, since we're lazy and its too much effort. We started on the 4th, and there was a skip on the 8th, and then it all went downhill on the 10th. Seriously, it really only takes one skip D:
I ended up refining some during the off days, its easy to tell which OTL;; Really gotta stop going back, it destroys the meaning for speedpainting. *sigh*

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7th-Nov-2009 11:32 pm - D: No moar~!!
Seriously. Too much touchups on this. For better or for worse. I seriously don't even know anymore;; This is IT. Bloody version of Magnet v10069.


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5th-Nov-2009 10:10 pm - Demo Reel 2009
XD Posting this everywhere, haha.

Anyways its finally done!~ I've spent a long time agonizing over every detail, encoding especially drove me up the wall~! I read too many tutorials about the 'best settings', and eventually ended up making up my own~ OTL

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